Navigation system for urban parking

The system is built to monitor the occupancy of each parking bay equipped with a sensor. The data originating from the parking bay occupancy is wirelessly sent to the central database where it is processed and stored. The system sends the information to the remote LED displays which navigate car drivers to simplify the search of empty parking spots.

As each sensor is equipped with its own battery and due to its minimal power consumption it can be easily installed into on-street parking bays. Due to its low price it’s also a perfect alternative to IR sensors within parking garages.

Parking area monitoring system

The data which is being collected by the sensors is represented on a web Dashboard portal. The parking bay management team can access the real time data presentation via web browser. The management can view real-time overviews of parking lots as well as statistical analytics, history and trends of the bay through time. The system can also be integrated with the parking lot payment system through which additional financial performance and efficiency can be monitored.

The system is implemented as a service for the customers and can be adjusted and personalized to the customer’s needs.

Customized parking solutions

In case of specific demands, we are able to offer specific and customized implementation scenarios (integration of payment systems into the parking management solution, implementation of numbered parking lot solutions, parking lot implementations with personal identification solutions...). We are highly skilled in managing complex IT projects. All projects are managed by applying PRINCE2® methodology.